Mark Anthony was born July 24 in the South Bronx, being raised in The Bronx has taught him many of life’s hard lessons for growing up fast. The road to life would lead him to being a graduate of Art & Design High School in New York City to attending John Jay College of criminal justice. While in college he served on the NYPD auxiliary for period of time and then later enlisted in the U.S. Navy. 

Hungry for something more in life Mark jumped into the acting world, taking on classes and private lessons from Actor, Writer, Director, and Playwright Bruce Ornstein to Actor Jim Moody and Actor / Writer Robert McCaskill. 

 Later the Arts would later take him into doing commercials for Showtime, Cinemax and working with Actors Keanu Reevs, Peter Green and James Caan. He also explored other areas in the industry. Soon his obsession and passion found himself not only acting but also writing, producing and directing films, commercials and doing a TV show. 

In 2000 the show and commercials would become Telemundo new station MUN2 TV from there he went on to open his own Indie production company called Man of Mystery Films. In 2001 he started writing his first draft script based his experiences growing up on the hard streets of the South Bronx. 

In 2004 he put together passionate and hungry unknown talented Actors, D.P. sound-men and production assistants. He didn’t go with the short film which most new directors do. His thinking was that if he were going to do a film, he would put it all out there so he went for a full feature indie film on his first time out called (Life's Decisions). He shot the film using two DVX-100A cameras and with no budget and permits he started shooting on the streets of The South Bronx. The film was shot with the look of a documentary feel and shooting gorilla style all over the Bronx. The project also posted many challenges for him as a first-time director, for example he would take on the part of a Lead Actor, writer, producer and executive producer of this project. 

In 2005 a rough cut of the film made it way to some film festivals and into the New York Daily News. From there several companies from Los Angeles were interested in the film but it was Venture Entertainment that got the contract. It was also couple months later that Venture Entertainment filed for Chapter 7 so did Mark R Anthony losing any and all funds & personal property in the process. This time he decided to hold on to the film to re-edit it. In 2008 he got a call from a company from California called Laguna Productions, the CEO of the company wanted to know if Life’s Decisions film was available for distribution and it was, he decided to let the film go at no cost in the hopes of getting recognition for his fellow actors and production. Later the film went on to go to DVD distribution on Netflix and Amazon. 


In 2009 he took another chance in the mid of the rescission he again went in front and behind the camera to write, produce and direct a short film called Blue Knight starring veteran actor Peter Greene. The film was a promotional film seeking funds for a full feature. Months later the film went on to win a small Award of Merit from the L.A. Cinema Festival of Hollywood.